KINDERGARTENA bilingual education

Sharing your child´s experience


A Typical Day

Ages: 3.5 to 5 years old

Opening Times: 9:00am to 4:30pm

Two days a week, minimum attendance.

Breakfast club and after school club also available from 7.30 -9.00am and 4.30pm - 6.00pm

We follow the Reggio Emilia approach as well as complying with the Early Years Foundation Stage – the compulsory national guidance for working with children from birth to five. We believe that children are able to co-construct their knowledge, theories and ideas by working and establishing relationships with other children and adults.

At Alexandra Park Children´s Learning Community we believe that relationships are the foundation of learning so we encourage them by mixing children of different ages so the little ones can learn from the older ones and the older ones can reinforce their knowledge by guiding and helping the little ones. We also believe that it teaches children to be caring and to share, not just toys, equipment and space, but experiences, time and knowledge.

Kindergarten children have direct access to their own art workshop and the opportunity to use a wide range of art and recycled materials with the help of our full time artist (atelierista). They also have access to our edible garden and the opportunity to prepare some of the meals and decide the menu for the week with our cook.

Physical exercise and music opportunities are incorporated into projects by learning facilitators. A multi disciplinary approach to projects will ensure all subjects such as history, geography and science are covered. Literacy, numeracy and relevant ICT opportunities form the foundations of all project work.

A bilingual education.

Our curriculum will be fully bilingual. We are putting together a team of fully qualified native Spanish speaking teachers who will be able to deliver our curriculum in Spanish and to promote the Spanish language, literature and culture.  In this way children will learn Spanish as a second language in natural contexts. 

We chose Spanish because it is the second most spoken language in the world and we believe that it gives our children the best start in life, not just because it opens more opportunities for their future, but because speaking two or more languages is very beneficial for the development of the brain and for establishing different neuronal connections.

Sharing your child´s experience.

You will be able to follow your child/children’s learning journey thanks to the extensive documentation efforts of our artist and learning facilitators. Individual learning journeys are displayed around your child’s classroom and contain information in the form of photographs, paintings, drawings, quotes, films and sound recordings. These documents are crucial so as you can share your child/children’s experiences in our learning community and also for us, so as we can provide your child/children with a daily memory record of their own learning journey, to connect learning and help them to decide where to carry on exploring the next day/week. As Alexandra Park is a learning community, we value the involvement of parents/carers in the life of Alexandra Park, that´s why we ask parents whose children attend the kindergarten and the '7 to 11' year old provision (when established) to devote an hour a week or six hours on a Saturday every six weeks to carry out some voluntary work to improve the life and learning opportunities of our children. The way in which you can contribute is decided by you, it can be by sharing some knowledge or skill with the children (like teaching them to play a game or help in creating a theatre play), or by doing a chore (like cleaning), helping to build or fix equipment or do some gardening.


Mealtimes are central to our day in Alexandra Park Children´s Learning Community. Our in-house cooks prepare one main meal, in addition two healthy snacks are prepared jointly by children and learning facilitators. During the afternoon the snack table is available to the children throughout the session. We all, adults and children set the table before every meal and sit together to eat and share our ideas and experiences of the day. Please click here to see our menu for the next two weeks.

A Typical Day

Learning facilitators will start the day by welcoming children to the Kindergarten between 9.00am and 9.25am. Activities will be gentle and relaxed allowing children time to settle in and also allowing learning facilitators time to converse with parents/carers.  Parents are invited to contribute their thoughts on children's project work and learning journeys during the morning 'drop off'.  In addition parents are invited to drop by our kindergarten any day (just check we will be in and not at the park or an art gallery).

When all the group have arrived a 'circle time', where typically songs and a book is shared, will continue into a discussion about the groups’ project/projects (children may split into ‘mini’ groups) and the direction they will take that day with a forum of discussion, debate and exchange of ideas dominating.

Lunch time which is eaten together at 12 pm offers a chance to relax, gather thoughts and an opportunity for adults and children to discuss and share ideas.

After lunch projects continue as in the morning with learning being observed, documented and linked as was earlier in the day. Adults listen attentively and sensitively stretch learning, exploring avenues for progression and linking up concepts. The day ends with a joint tidy up session at 3 pm followed by a final carpet time at 3.15 pm with pickup time/movement to the after school facility at 3.30pm.