Our Vision

At Alexandra Park Children´s Learning Community, we value people as individuals. We believe that children are natural learners and, therefore, we seek to support children as they develop. Children are free to be themselves, and to explore their own paths through education. We want to ignite children´s curiosity. We want children to ask questions, to explore, to research. We want children to develop a life long love of learning. We want children to wake up on Saturday and be sorry it is not Monday.

We want to develop a democratic community of learners where everybody´s opinion is valued and treated with equal respect.

We believe that learning is a personal journey that goes beyond the school walls and as a result we want our learning centre to be an active player in the development of the community.  We want to create a space that helps our children to play a role in the community whilst at the same time we offer the community a place to develop by sharing our resources and expertise.

We want to create an environment that fosters kindness, empathy and a passion for learning that helps to create confident, independent and critical thinkers and overallrounded individuals.